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Extreme Environment Servo Drives

Elmo Motion Control's ExtrIQ product family is a set of durable motion control products for applications operating under extreme environmental conditions. ExtrIQ products have a high power density in the range of 10W - 9000W and current carrying capacity of up to 70A continuous / 140A peak. ExtrIQ has been tested using methods and procedures specified in a variety of EEC standards. Based on Elmo Motion Control's innovative SimplIQ Motion Control core technology, they support a wide range of motor feedback options, programming capabilities and communication protocols.

Intelligent DC Digital Servo Drives Controllers
DC Digital Servo Drives Controllers

Elmo's ExtrIQ product suite is a set of intelligent digital servo drives Controllers for brush and brushless motors and designed to operate in extreme environmental conditions. The digital products combine high densities of power, intelligent functionality and space-friendly design.

Powerful Analog Servo Amplifiers
Powerful Analog Servo Amplifiers

The ExtrIQ analog amplifiers are highly durable and capable of operating under extreme environmental conditions. Each amplifier series exhibits excellent servo performance, top efficiency, high quality and reliability - all in sleek and compact, high-density power packages.