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Maestro Multi Axis Motion Controller

Maestro Multi Axis Motion
Motion Control Products Ltd are pleased to announce the new 126 axis motion controller: the Maestro. The Maestro is a real time network based multi-axis motion manager that operates in conjunction with the our SimplIQ range of digital servodrives which share the processing workload in distributed motion control architecture. The Maestro is capable of controlling 126 axis per CAN bus, with 2 to 16 axis of interpolated control, and is a stand alone controller with 36 digital/analogue inputs and outputs providing master-slave cascading, electronic gearing, linear, circular and spline interpolation with programming using the easy to use SimplIQ extended language.

Elmo's Maestro is a network-based multi-axis motion manager that operates in conjunction with Elmo intelligent servo drives to provide a full multi-axis motion control solution. The Maestro and the SimplIQ servo drives share the motion processing workload in a distributed motion control architecture.

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