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PS Range of Power Supplies

The PS Power supplies are available as 40V, 48V or 68V
PS Range of Power Supplies

The PS series switch mode power supplies are specifically designed to power inductive loads found in stepper & servo motors. The normal regulated switchable power supplies popular in the market are not suitable for use with stepping or servo driving, this is because that the conventional switching power supplies are designed for the constant, unvarying loads of circuit boards. Whereas, when the stepping or servo system running, the driving current varies extremely fast, which is inherent to inductive load, herein the driver and power supplies would be damaged easily. This supply is capable of delivering current to motor drivers without affecting the reliability due to it being unregulated and its high capacitance. By selecting correct model, one supply can be used with 1-3 driver and so the average cost per driver is reduced.

Supply Voltage - 180 to 250V AC

Output Voltage
  • PS407 - 40V DC at 7A
  • PS487 - 48V DC at 7A
  • PS705 - 68V DC at 5A
Output Power
  • PS407 - 260W (Continuous)
  • PS487 - 300W (Continuous)
  • PS705 - 300W (Continuous)
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