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Since 1994, Motion Control Products Ltd. has been at the forefront of advanced motion control and factory automation. More

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Stepper Motors

  • Linear or rotary
  • Frame size: NEMA 8-42
  • Step angle 0.9째 /1.8째 / 3.6째
  • Holding torque up to 28Nm
  • With / without encoder
  • Optional integrated leadscrew shaft
  • Integrated version with drives/controller
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Stepper Drives

  • +12VDC ~ +80VDC & 230VAC
  • Matched with NEMA 8-42 motors
  • Peak current: 0.1A ~ 7.8A
  • Digital or analogue
  • Resolution up to 51,200 step/rev. or 102,400 step/rev. (programmable)
  • RS232 / RS485, CANOpen or Ethernet communication protocols
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Ballscrews & Nuts

  • Ballscrew diameter 16mm & 25mm
  • Available length: 352-3052mm
  • Flexible couplings
  • 5 pitch sizes: 2.5mm-20mm
  • DIN 69051, tolerance class 7
  • Linear profile rails & carriages
  • Mounting blocks & accessories
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Motion Controllers

  • Single or Multi-axis control
  • For stepper or servo control
  • PLC / HMI available
  • CNC & automation applications
  • Communication protocols: RS485, CANOpen, Ethernet etc
  • Stand-alone or rack-mounted
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