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ES-D808 Stepper Drive

ES-D808 Stepper Drive
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Product Description

ES-D808 Stepper Drive

30 -80 VDC Inputs | 8.0A peak


Traditional stepper motor drive systems operate open loop providing position control without feedback. However, because of this, loss of synchronisation can occur between commanded and actual steps. Monitoring position using an optical encoder can help but only highlights position loss rather than correcting it! An application requiring real-time, closed-loop performance throughout the move has previously required engineers to choose much higher cost/complexity servo systems which in many applications lack the high torque feature of stepper motors. Hence, expensive planetary gearboxes have to be added.

Our new ES-D series stepper drives is designed to be used alone or together with our M-series stepper motors as a closed-loop stepper system to overcome this weakness. By using high resolution encoders to update the motor position every 25 micro-seconds, our ES-D808 drive ensures controlled, real-time position accuracy without losing steps. Different from the constant current output of an open-loop stepper system, output current in ES-D stepper drives is optimised - changing based on load position.

Stepper Drive Features

  • No tuning required and easy to use
  • Supply voltage from 30 to 80VDC with peak current of 8.0A
  • 15 micro step settings of 800-51,200 via DIP switches, or 200-51,200 via software (increase by 200)
  • Close-loop control eliminating loss of steps
  • Powering 2-phase stepper motors NEMA 17, 23, 24, and 34
  • Step & direction or CW/CCW control modes
  • No tuning required and easy to use
  • Close-loop control eliminating loss of steps
  • Programming with RS232
  • CE certified and RoHS compliant

Technical Overview





Input Voltage (VDC)


48, 60


Output Current (A)




Pulse Input Frequency (kHz)




Logic Signal Current (mA)




Isolation Resistance (MOhms)




Our CS-D closed-loop stepper drive system can be used to upgrade open loop stepper systems or replace some servo systems, especially in many small-and-medium-speed applications such as CNC routers, CNC mills, CNC laser cutters, CNC plasmas, lab automation instruments, plotters, medical equipment, electronic equipment, small packaging machines etc.

For more technical information on this drive, please download the datasheet below or contact our technical sales team at (+44)01202 599922

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