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3Nm CNC Drive Kit 1

3Nm CNC Drive Kit 1
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Product Description

CNC Stepper Drive Kit 1

This CNC Steeper drive kit is designed for 3-axis stepper control (X, Y & Z)

This kit consists of the following:

3 X Stepper motors - 3Nm, double shaft (low inductance) (M60STH88-3008DF)

3 X Microstepping drives - 50VDC, 4.2A (MSD542)

2 X Switch-mode power supplies - 36V, 7A (SPS250-36)

1 X Breakout board

This 3Nm CNC Stepper drive kit can be used for many types of applications, including retrofiting of existing CNC machines, making your own CNC machine or robot control.

Setting up is very simple, and the drivers are powerful enough to connect the motors up in parallel for faster motion.

If you need any technical support on how to connect this stepper motor drive kit, please contact our technical sales team on 01202 599922 or by email ( for further details.


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