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NEMA42 (110mm) High-torque Stepper Motors

NEMA42 (110mm) High-torque Stepper Motors
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Product Description

Nema42 Hybrid High-torque Stepper Motors

Model: FL110STH150-6504A


Motion Control Products offer NEMA42 (110mm) high-torque hybrid stepper motors.

High-torque stepper motors output more torque than standard hybrid stepper motors due to the use of powerful rare earth magnets instead of the taditional permanent magnets. The motors are 1.8 degrees-per-step, with single output shaft and optical encoder and planetary gearbox options.

Model FL110STH150-6504A is available in stock for quick delivery.

General Specifications



Step Angle

1.8 degree

Step Angle Accuracy

+/-5%, full step, no load

Radial Play

0.02mm @ 450g

Axial Play

0.08mm @ 450g

Max. Radial Force

330N @ 20mm from the flange

Max. Axial Force


Dielectric Strength

1200VAC / 1s

Insulation Resistance

100mOhm, 500VDC

Ambient Temperature

-20 C to +50 C

Insulation Class

Class B


Motor Technical Specifications

  • Current/phase: 6.5A
  • Resistance/phase: 0.72Ohm
  • Inductance/phase: 11.5mH
  • Holding torque: 21Nm
  • Detent torque: 1.09Nm
  • Rotor inertia: 10.9kgs-cm2
  • Motor length: 150+/-1mm
  • No. of leads: 4
  • Motor weight: 8.4kgs 

Model FL110STH150-6504A is available in stock for quick delivery.

For other models, please contact our technical sales team at +44 (0)1202 599922 or by email for the quote and the lead time.

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