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SAX DC Brushed Servo Motor, up to 2.7Nm

SAX DC Brushed Servo Motor, up to 2.7Nm
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Product Description

DC Brushed Servomotors: SAX100 series

With restricted dimensions, the SAX100 series DC Brushed Servomotors offer the most dynamic features along with high peak torque, therefore they are particularly suitable for driving any type of movement applications where great motion regularity at low speed is important.


  • Ferrite permanent magnets
  • Extremely favorable cost to perfomance ratio
  • Easy installation and use
  • Full torque in a wide range of speeds
  • High overload capacity
  • Encoder predisposition
  • Environmental working temperature: 5-40° C

Torque: 0.49Nm ~ 2.7Nm
Nominal Speed: 2100rpm ~ 4850rpm
Voltage: 48V, 65V, 90V
Rated Current: 4.1A ~ 11.5A
With & without encoder options available

Suitable servo drives to use with: Microspeed, Minispeed and Masterspeed servo drives.


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