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CNC Controllers

LAN-Motion Servo/ Stepper Motion Controller
LAN-Motion Servo/ Stepper Motion Controller Average user rating

LAN-Motion is an Ethernet based servo and stepper motion controller. It based on a fast 32-bit RISC processor and floating point co-processor with optical isolation providing a high level of protection against noise. It comes with FREE GNC Lite software.

AMT-PCI-MC4 Stepper and Servo Controller
AMT-PCI-MC4 Stepper and Servo Controller Average user rating

AMT-PCI-MC4 is a PC compatible multi axis servo and stepper motion control card, giving a high level of protection against noise. Ideal for industrial applications, with a comprehensive range of software support and a excellent price performance.

CNC Pendant Controller MO-CON501
CNC Pendant Controller MO-CON501 Average user rating

Why permanently connect your PC to your CNC machine when you can use our NEW Pendant CNC Controller? The MO-CON501 CNC Pendant Controller with built-in DSP (digital signal processor) reads G-code or PLT programs (text file) from a USB memory stick or

£499.00 (£598.80 inc tax)
MO-CON203 & MO-CON204 Controllers
MO-CON203 & MO-CON204 Controllers Average user rating

This new range of HMI (Human Machine Interface) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is ideal for motion control of stepper drivers, servo drives and brushless servos. With this very competitively priced range, there is no need to purchase a separate H

MO-CON205 Controller
MO-CON205 Controller Average user rating

MO-CON205-32T-C controller is a fully featured Motion Control PLC dedicated to driving a range of drives. The module features 4 channel pulse outputs for stepper or servo motor drivers up to 400kHz. So the unit complements our extensive range of stepper,

£279.00 (£334.80 inc tax) Out of stock