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DMD556 Digital Stepper Drive (50VDC, 5.6A)

DMD556 Digital Stepper Drive (50VDC, 5.6A)
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DMD556 Digital Stepper Drive (50VDC, 5.6A)

The high performance DMD556 digital stepper drive results from the use of new, patented 32-bit DSP control technology. Each DMD drive calculates its own natural system frequency and applies a damping control algorithm for superior anti-resonance. It drastically reduces motor noise by up to 70% of its original value, together with more benefits such as low speed ripple smoothing and low motor heating.


The drive has a programmable resolution from full step to 102,400 steps per resolution. The DMD556's Multistep function allows this full microstepping resolution to be applied to a standard 200-step motor, so system performance becomes smoother. This DMD556 drive is ideal for the applications in packaging, printing systems and machines, such as laser cutters, laser markers, high precision X-Y tables, labeling machines and so on.


Features & Benefits:


  • Suitable to drive size NEMA 17 to NEMA 34 stepper motors
  • Supply voltage up to +50VDC
  • Programmable output current range from 0.5A - 5.6A
  • Programmable resolution to 102,400 step/rev
  • Software configurable using tuning interface
  • Support PUL/DIR and CW/CCW modes
  • Anti-resonance circuitry
  • Mid-range instability eliminated
  • 70% audible noise reduction
  • Low speed ripple smoothing
  • Low motor heating
  • CE certified & RoHS compliant (UL certified as optional)
  • Optional control/programming cable (pc-cable-02) to tune the drive (via RS232)



PC Programming Cables

PC Programming Cables

PC programming cables for tuning the motors and drives to achieve the best performance. Cables will be used on DMD series digital stepper motors, DSD series and ACS series digital servo drives and iSS57 integrated motors with drive/encoder etc.

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