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MSD752E Microstepping Drive

MSD752E Microstepping Drive
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MSD752E Stepper Drive: 70VDC Input, 5.2A

MSD752E is an economical 2-phase hybrid stepper drive, using the latest 32 DSP technology, providing precision 0.05A current setting unit, and taking advanced digital filtering techniques, anti-resonance technology and precision current control technology, to make it implement precise smooth operation, extra low noise . It’s widely used in semiconductor, electronic processing equipment, laser processing, medical equipment and small CNC. It is capable of driving frame size of 42mm, 57mm, 60mm & 86mm of two-phase hybrid stepper motors.

. It is suitable for driving 2-phase and 4-phase hybrid stepping motors.


  • High performance, cost-effective
  • Supply voltage up to +70 VDC
  • Output current up to 5.2A
  • Economical and practical
  • Low motor vibration, low noise, low motor heating
  • Optical isolation signal input
  • Automatic idle current reduction
  • Precision current setting, the smallest unit of 0.05A
  • Over voltage, short circuit, phase-error protection functions
  • From 1 full step to 512 micro step per rotation
  • Can drive 4, 6, 8-wire 2-phase stepper motors
  • Step & direction control
  • CE and RoHS compliant


Suitable for a wide range of stepper motors, from NEMA size 17 to 34. It can be used in various kinds of machines, such as X-Y tables, labelling machines, laser cutters, engraving machines, pick-place devices and so on. It is ideal for the applications where low noise, low heating, high speed and high precision are required.

Notes: We recommend our MCP power supply RSP-320-48 to go with this drive.


Download Datasheet MSD752E

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