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MSD2282 AC Powered High Performance Stepper Drive

MSD2282 AC Powered High Performance Stepper Drive
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MSD2282 High Voltage Stepper Drive (220VAC, 8.2A)

AC Powered High Performance Stepper Drive

As a replacement model to our old MSD2278, MSD2282 is a high performance and low noise microstepping drive based on pure-sinusoidal current control technology. It is suitable to drive 2-phase and 4-phase hybrid stepper motors. By using advanced bipolar constant-current chopping techniques, the MSD2282 can output more torque than most other stepper drives at high speed. The microstep capability allows stepper motors to run more smoothly with less vibration and lower noise. Its pure-sinusoidal current control technology allows coil current to be controlled with relatively small current ripple, therefore lower motor noise and less motor heating are achieved.Features:


  • High quality, cost-effective
  • Low motor & drive heating
  • Supply voltage up to 220VAC (310VDC)
  • Output current up to 8.2A (5.86 ARMS)
  • TTL compatible and opto-isolated inputs
  • Automatic idle-current reduction
  • Input frequency up to 200KHz
  • 15 microstep resolutions selectable
  • DIP switch microstep & current settings
  • Support PUL/DIR & CW/CCW modes

The drive is suitable for medium and large automation machines and equipment, such as engraving machines, labelling machines, cutting machines, laser phototypesetting systems, plotting instruments, CNC machines, pick-place devices, etc. It is particularly useful for the applications where low vibration, high speed and high precision are required.


Electrical Specification (Tj = 25ºC/77ºF) 







Output Current


0.7 (0.5RMS)


8.2 (5.86 RMS)

Supply voltage


90 (125)

180 (250)

220 (310)

Logic signal current





Pulse input frequency





Isolation resistance






BF (Flexible Couplings)

BF (Flexible Couplings)

The BF range of fexible couplings are ideal for coupling motor shafts to ball or leadscrews. The BF range come with standard bore sizes, that can be enlarged on request to suit customers application needs.

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CNC Drive Kit 4

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CNC Drive Kit 5-V2.0

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NEMA 23 (57mm) High Torque Stepper Motors

NEMA 23 (57mm) High Torque Stepper Motors

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