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DSD806 Servo Drive

DSD806 Servo Drive
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DSD806 Servo Drive 

Motion Control Products fully digital servo drive DSD806 is developed with a 32-bit DSP based on advanced control algorithm. Since their input commands are PUL/DIR signals or ±10V analogue input, the users can upgrade stepper drives to the DSD806 without changing the control systems. Ideally to use with LSM60 series servo motors, the DSD806 can offer high precision, speed, reliability and performance, and can be used in inkjet printers, engraving machines, packaging machines, printing machines, etc. A built-in controller can be used for testing and tuning. PC based and handheld configuration & tuning tools can meet different tuning environments or requirements.

DSD806 Servo Drive Features

l      Input: 18VDC - 80VDC

l      Peak Current: 18A, Continuous Current: 6 A (Max), 50 - 400W

l      FOC-SVPWM technologies

l      PC based and handheld configuration tools

l      Electronic gear rate from 1/255 to 255

l      Self-test function with trapezoidal velocity profile

l      Support PUL/DIR and CW/CCW control signals

l      Support clock and direction or ±10V analogue input**

l      Opto-isolated, support single-ended and differential inputs

l      Encoder output

l      Following error lock range adjustable

l      Over-voltage, over-current, encoder failure protections

l      10 latest failures self-record function

l      Small size, surface-mount technology


** Analogue input feature is only available on certain model (DSD806-da). Please specify it or contact us for further details before placing the order.


Download PDF Datasheet

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