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CNC 3 or 4-axis Estun ProNet Servo Kit - 400W

CNC 3 or 4-axis Estun ProNet Servo Kit - 400W
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1 In Stock
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CNC 3-Axis Estun ProNet Servo Kit consists of:

  • 3pcs PRONET-04AMG servo drives
  • 3pcs EMJ-04AFD22 servo motors
  • 3pcs 5m encoder cables
  • 3pcs 50-pin 1CN connectors
  • 3pcs 5m Motor power cable connectors
  • 1pc USB-RS485 (RJ45) cable


CNC 4-Axis Estun ProNet Servo Kit consists of:

  • 4pcs PRONET-04AMG servo drives
  • 4pcs EMJ-04AFD22 servo motors
  • 4pcs 5m encoder cables
  • 4pcs 50-pin 1CN connectors
  • 4pcs 5m Motor power cable connectors
  • 1pc USB-RS485 (RJ45) cable
Technical Feature of PRONET-04AMG servo drive 
  • 200VAC, 400W, Pulse Analogue / CANopen Control
  • Current feed-forward and acceleration feed-forward function
  • Online real time load inertia inspecting and auto-tuning function
  • Low frequency vibration suppression function
  • High performance under low rigid environment
  • Dynamic electronic gear ratio switching function
  • Homing function available under position control mode
  • UL certified and CE certified


Technical Feature of EMJ-04AFD22 servo motor

  • 200VAC inputs, rated power 400W
  • Rated torque: 1.27Nm, rated speed 3000rpm
  • Fitted with 20-Bit incremental encoder (1048576P/R)
  • IP rating IP65


Typical Applications

  • Machine tools (Metal forming, CNC router, Laser cutting, Water jet, Wood processing)
  • Textile machine (Warping machine, Warp knitting machine, Rapier loom, Air jet, Water jet machine, Quilter machine, Dyeing machine)
  • Packing machine (Vertical packing machine, Pillow packing machine, Sealing packing machine, Liquid packing machine)
  • Printing machine (Photogravure press, Lithographic press, Relief printing machine)
  • Electronics manufacturing equipment (Sorting machine, Chip mounter, Winding machine, Die-cutting machine, Lithium battery production line, Non-standard automatic production line)
  • Industrial robot, manipulator
  • Hybrid, Die-casting machine, Injection molding machine, Plastic extruding machine


For more technical information, please download the product brochure below:

Download brochure button

If you need other model / power range combination for your applications, please contact our technical support team at (++44) 01202 599922 or email us.

LAN-Motion Servo/ Stepper Motion Controller

LAN-Motion Servo/ Stepper Motion Controller

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1 In Stock
1 In Stock