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NEMA 23 (60mm) High Torque Stepper Motors

NEMA 23 (60mm) High Torque Stepper Motors
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Nema 23 (60mm) High Torque Hybrid Stepper Motors

The M60STH series stepper motors are high torque, three-stack, size Nema 23, 1.8 degree hybrid stepper motors with a holding torque up to 4Nm.


Step Angle 1.8 Deg
Step Angle Accuracy +/-5% (full step, no load)
Resistance Accuracy +/-10%
Inductance Accuracy +/-20%
Temperature Rise 80 ºC Max. (rated current,2 phase on)
Ambient Temperature -20 ºC ~ +50 ºC
Insulation Resistance 100 MOhms Min., 500VDC
Dielectric Strength 500VAC for one minute
Shaft Radial Play 0.02Max. (450 g-load)
Shaft Axial Play 0.08Max. (450 g-load)
radial force 75N (20mm from the flange)
Max. axial force 15N
Rotation CW (viewed from front flange)


Model No.

* All technical data above are based on Bipolar connection. For complete technical specifications, please refer to each model's datasheet

MSD880 High Performance Microstepping Drive

MSD880 High Performance Microstepping Drive

As a replacement model to our old MSD980, MSD880 is a high performance microstepping drive based on pure-sinusoidal current control technology and the self-adjustment technology, with 80VDC inputs and 7.8A output current.

£81.95 (£98.34 inc tax)
25 In Stock


These are a selection of MCP2, MCP4 wormwheel gearboxes, spur gearboxes and Planetary gearboxes that are surplus

£100.00 (£120.00 inc tax)
5 In Stock
MSD752 / MSD752E Microstepping Drive

MSD752 / MSD752E Microstepping Drive

The MSD752 /MSD752E microstepping drive is a high performance stepper drive based on latest 32 DSP technology, with supply voltage up to +68VDC and current of 5.2A.

29 In Stock
40 In Stock
Regulated Switch-mode Power Supplies

Regulated Switch-mode Power Supplies

RSP-320 and SPS series switching mode power supplies with universal AC input /full range of 85-264VAC to provide 24V/ 36V/ 48V/ 60VDC output voltage for the output current 0-12.5A.

19 In Stock
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MSD542 Microstepping Drive

MSD542 Microstepping Drive

The MSD542 stepper drive with 50VDC input and 4.1A is suitable for a wide range of stepping motors including our FL42, 57, 86 and the FL110 and are ideal for any application that requires a High performance but very low cost Microstepping drive.

£54.50 (£65.40 inc tax) Out of stock
0 In Stock
EM Digital Stepper Drives

EM Digital Stepper Drives

By implementing the latest motion control technologies, our new EM series, DSP-based digital stepper drives deliver excellent performance better than ever before: Unique features of sensorless stall detection, anti-resonance, extra smoothness and more...

0 In Stock
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1 In Stock
DM805-AI Digital Stepper Drive With Analogue Input

DM805-AI Digital Stepper Drive With Analogue Input

Digital stepper drive DM805-AI from Motion Control Products Ltd is a digital stepper drive with built-in oscillator, supporting 0-5V analogue signal for speed controls. Supply voltage is up to +80VDC with output current (programmable) from 0.3A -5.0A(RMS

£103.90 (£124.68 inc tax)
7 In Stock
DMD870 Digital Stepper Drive

DMD870 Digital Stepper Drive

Motion Control Products Ltd introduce DMD870 digital stepper drive (DM870) using a DSP with advanced control algorithm. It supports input voltage 72VDC with output current (programmable) from 0.5A to 7.0A (5.0RMS).

£107.50 (£129.00 inc tax)
25 In Stock