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BF (Flexible Couplings)

BF (Flexible Couplings)
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The BF range of fexible couplings are ideal for coupling motor shafts to ball or leadscrews. The BF range come with standard bore sizes, that can be enlarged on request to suit customers application needs.

The Standard Sizes are as follows:

* BFD25L34 (Bore size 6.35mm X 6.35mm)
* BF1D40L66-8x10 (Bore size 8mm X 10mm)
* BF1D40L66-8x12 (Bore size 8mm X 12mm)
* BF1D40L66-12x12 (Bore size 12mm X 12mm)
* BF1D40L66-14x12 (Bore size 14mm X 12mm)