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PC Programming Cables

PC Programming Cables
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PC Programming Cables

PC programming cables may be used for tuning the motors and drives to achieve the best performance for certain applications.


The programming cable options/models below are for DMD series digital stepper motors, DSD series and ACS series digital servo drives and iSS57 integrated motors with drive/encoder etc.

Cable Part No. Description
cable-pc-i  Programming cable for tuning iSS57 / iST57 integrated stepper motors
cable-pc-01  Programming cable for DMD422 digital stepper drives connected to PC for tuning (RS232)
cable-pc-02  Programming cable for DMD556/ DMD856 digital stepper drives and DSD806 / ACS806 servo drives connected to PC for tuning (RS232)


If you are not sure wether the cable is needed or not for your applications, please contact our office for further advice.