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Planetary Gearbox with NEMA 23 Mounting Flange

Planetary Gearbox with NEMA 23 Mounting Flange
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£130.00 (£156.00 inc tax) Out of stock
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The RE55 Nema 23 gearbox is a high quality planetary gearbox. It comes with a NEMA 23 input flange for direct mounting to a standard NEMA 23 frame stepper motor.


Gear ratio options are available in stock: 42:1 (RE55/42-2-SL6.35X23-STD-F02-15')


This gearbox will be supplied with Nema 23 Flange Fitted.

Model Spec. RID53/2/16 RE55/42 RE55/9
Gear Ratio
16:1 42:1 9:1
Rated Torque
35Nm 25Nm 18Nm
Peak Torque
55Nm 50Nm 50Nm
94% 90% 94%
Max. Input Speed
5000RPM 5000PRM 4000RPM
15 Arcmin 15 Arcmin =<10 Arcmin
Input Bore Size
8mm 6.35mm  
Weight (Kg)
0.75 0.9 0.75




MSD556 Microstepping Drive

MSD556 Microstepping Drive

The MSD556 stepper drive is suitable for a wide range of stepping motors including our FL42, 57, 86 and the FL110 and are ideal for any application that requires a high performance but very low cost Microstepping drive.

£77.50 (£93.00 inc tax)
50 In Stock
TBR16UU Open Pillow Block

TBR16UU Open Pillow Block

TBR16UU Open Linear Slide Unit The TBR16UU pillow block is an open linear bearing installed in a small and light aluminum case, making it easy to install and mount to. The slide unit has been optimised to be used with the TBR16 range of supported prec

£8.88 (£10.66 inc tax)
5 In Stock
NEMA 23 (60mm) High Torque Stepper Motors

NEMA 23 (60mm) High Torque Stepper Motors

The M60STH series stepper motors are high torque, three-stack, size Nema 23, 1.8 degree hybrid stepper motors with a holding torque up to 4Nm.

50 In Stock
10 In Stock
25CLA - Captive Linear stepper motor

25CLA - Captive Linear stepper motor

The 25CLA range of captive linear stepper motors are available in four different models all with a max stroke of 14mm.

20 In Stock
30 In Stock
32 In Stock