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SSAX Brushless Servo Motor (6-poles), up to 17Nm

SSAX Brushless Servo Motor (6-poles), up to 17Nm
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Brushless Servomotors: SSAX 2000 Series

The SSAX 2000 Series Brushless Servomotors with permanent magnets are designed to meet the most demanding needs of industrial automation with very high performance levels and are extremely reliable, requiring little maintenance.

Typical Application

Axis Controlled by CNC, Strongly Intermittent Motor Duties, Machine Tools, Textile and Graphic Machines, Robots, Transfer Lines, Manufacturing, Packaging and Wood Working Machines.


  • Sinusoidal B.E.M.F.
  • Very low moment of inertia resulting in high acceleration and deceleration
  • Very low fluctuations of torque at minimum speed
  • Four different Nominal Voltages (44, 95, 145 and 220 VAC)
  • High overload capacity (4 x stall torque)
  • Protection class IP54
  • Two different feedback systems: Encoder 2048P/Rev, 5V LD or resolver
  • All motors with flying screw connectors (both power and signal)

Compatable servo drives to use with: MCB, MCB Plus, B17 and B24 servo drives.


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