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IM23 DS integrated brushless servo motor

IM23 DS integrated brushless servo motor
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DC Powered Integrated servo motor
IM23x-DS Series - Integrated Motor Family
The IM23x-DS are a new family of the integrated brushless servo motors – combining motor, motion controller and drive in a single package, operated from a 12–48 V power supply.

The IM23x-DS represent cost effective compact solutions, particularly adapted to integrated intelligence or distributed motion control applications.

Targeted for medium to high volume applications, the IM23x-DS are based on a cost-optimised design, embedding all the basic motion control functions inside the motor itself, together with basic local digital and analog I/O signals.


  • Fully digital intelligent brushless motor with embedded power and motion control operated from a 12-48V supply *
  • Low system cost due to compacteness and reduced wiring.
  • Available in 3 motor lengths, offering from 0.1 to 0.3 Nm of continuous torque (models IM231, IM232, IM233)
  • RS232 interface, up to 115kb communication speed
  • 256-kbit internal EEROM for data and program storage
  • Integrated 2000-bit/revolution quadrature encoder
  • Integrated Protections to over-current, over-temperature,I2t, control error
  • Pulse and Direction inputs for speed / torque reference.
  • +/- 10V analogue input for speed / torque reference.
  • Ideal replacement / substitution of stepper axes, without hardware or software changes of the indexing system.
  • Easy and simple to use Windows setup program, including control loops tuning, via the RS-232 communication line.

* Need 48V to acheive nominal speed.

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