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12VDC traction motor ZYT90-155 (0.4 Nm)

12VDC traction motor ZYT90-155 (0.4 Nm)
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DC Traction Motor ZYT90-155-12-F90-D11


The ZYT90-155-12-F90-D11 DC traction motor is rated to 0.4 Nm and 1500 RPM at 12V and 3000 RPM at 24V.

Motor current: 23A, Motor power: 60W

The Mounting is a standard IEC 63B14 and an 11mm keyed shaft. This motor can be used as 'clay pigeon trap motor' 


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MSD542 Microstepping Drive

MSD542 Microstepping Drive

The MSD542 stepper drive with 50VDC input and 4.1A is suitable for a wide range of stepping motors including our FL42, 57, 86 and the FL110 and are ideal for any application that requires a High performance but very low cost Microstepping drive.

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Regulated Switch-mode Power Supplies

Regulated Switch-mode Power Supplies

RSP-320 and SPS series switching mode power supplies with universal AC input /full range of 85-264VAC to provide 24V/ 36V/ 48V/ 60VDC output voltage for the output current 0-12.5A.

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MCP4 Wormwheel Gearbox with Hollow-shaft

MCP4 Wormwheel Gearbox with Hollow-shaft

Motion Control Products Ltd. offers MCP4 Wormwheel gearbox with hollow shaft design, gear ratio of 25:1 or 50:1. It is normally used together with our ZYT brushed motor. This type of gearbox is ideal for mobility cars, golf buggy, caravan mover and more

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