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Returns Policy

We guarantee the performance and quality of all goods we supply for 12 months unless stated otherwise. If you feel that you have a faulty product, please read our Returns Policy below.
  1. First Action. Please call by telephone whenever possible as many problems can be resolved without a return of goods, thereby avoiding unnecessary delays and shipping costs. Our support number is 01202 599922.
  2. If you are satisfied that your product is faulty, you MUST request an RMA number via the form below or by telephoning. Returns without RMA Numbers will not be accepted. If using the form, please ensure that you enter a valid e-mail address and complete all fields. You will then receive a unique RMA number which must be clearly written on the outside of the return packaging. For example: if you RMA number is 1234, then write RMA - 1234 as clearly as possible on the front of the package.
  3. It is your responsibility to ensure that returned goods are packed properly and insured against loss. We cannot accept any responsibility for goods damaged or lost in transit, irrespective of whether they are faulty.
  4. If the returned product tests faulty and is under warranty, it will be replaced or repaired as soon as possible and shipped back to you. If the item is no longer available, it will be replaced with an equivalent or higher specification product (extra cost to be paid by the customer). The option of a full refund is available*. If you modify, tamper with or otherwise alter a product, your warranty will become void* - any diversion from this will require written confirmation from MCP management.
  5. If a returned product tests OK or has been modified, altered or tampered with, it will be sent back to you as soon as possible with a test report. You will incur a £25 testing charge plus the return shipping costs (all plus VAT).
  6. If the returned product is faulty but out of warranty, it will be repaired and the cost notified to the customer by email. Work will commence on receipt of an official order covering the cost of repair and shipping costs.
* This will be considered on an individual basis but will need written confirmation from MCP management.

Returns Form

Fill out the form to get an RMA# to return product(s) for evaluation, repair or rebuild. Upon submittal of completed form MCP will email you a RMA#

Did you purchase your unit(s) through:
MCP Direct
Other, please specify

Have replacement units been installed?

If installed are the replacement unit(s) functioning?

Did the unit(s) smoke?

Is the unit newly installed?

Have you spoken with someone in applications/Technical Support?
Yes, plase state the name if known

How long has the system been running?

Have you had any previous failures?

If you have had previous failures please state the date of the most recent and how many.

When did the current failure occur?
At First start up
After several hours of operation
After several days of operation
After several weeks of operation
During Normal Operation
While motor was breakin/accelerating
When wizzard was running
Mechanical Damage
Wrong Connection

If available please list each MCP Part Number and Serial Number as this will help us to process your RMA faster

Please explain how the units fail:

Contact Details

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